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Photorealistic Rendering in NY

In New York City and metro area, CromoCGI LLC founder Guido Garfunkel will provide peace of mind throughout the design process, adding value to your design, product, or ad.

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Striving for Excellence

When looking for architectural rendering services in NYC, either as single 3D architectural visualizer or with the help of a team, Cromo3D is proud of constantly delivering the highest quality in computer graphics.




Founded in NYC, Cromo3D assists architects and real estate developers in branding and expressing their ideas using advanced digital media techniques.


Cromo3D is both a highly technical 3D architectural visualizer and creative studio that knows how to position clients to their best advantage with smart strategy and high-impact visuals. Our philosophy? Make stunning, accurate, portfolio-worthy photo realistic computer-generated imagery, with great flexibility towards our clients.

We specialize in the design and creation of images and animations with 3D software, also known as CGI or rendering.

We have created award-winning work in architecture and advertising, and collaborate closely with our clients making sure they're fully satisfied throughout the project.


Let’s create truly inspiring work

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